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The Supermarket Company owns the brands SPRMRKT, SPRMRKT Daily and SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar. SPRMRKT started operations in 2012, and SPRMRKT Daily and SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar followed in 2016.

The three brands bring together a modern restaurant, a cocktail bar, private events and catering, and two upscale cafés with a curated retail experience and a space for contemporary art.

Together, SPRMRKT, SPRMRKT Daily and SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar form the ideal lifestyle and dining destination of Southeast Asia; connecting people from all over the world, while leading the way in the betterment of artists’ lives, in sourcing for the best artisanal brands from Singapore and around Southeast Asia to showcase their stories, and in creating new and exciting dining concepts within a -- supermarket.

We aim to inspire and nurture daily life through positive relationships, one delicious meal at a time.

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